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I casually dated through most of my single years, not realizing that I actually wanted to be courted, until I met my current husband.

In hindsight, dating for me was about reacting to the men I met. Courtship is more about responding based on what's important to get to choose whether or not you want to date or be courted.

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Rather than trying to navigate through the world of dating in a healthy way, it’s easier to overcompensate for one extreme by simply developing another.

You're physically intimate when it's right for both of you and when you do, it is magical.

Courtship takes more courage because you have to be authentic, open, vulnerable and live without knowing the outcome.

In the dating scene these days, physical intimacy tends to happen before commitment.

Many people have sex thinking it's the beginning of a relationship rather than having a relationship first and then expressing their love and commitment through sex.

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