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My family grew up in Darke County and Tom’s family is from Iowa.

Both families had opportunities to work elsewhere but I’m so glad they came here and stayed. It was fun living in a bigger city in our twenties and we appreciate all the opportunities that gave us.

This was a great place to grow up and there are some wonderful years ahead here too.

Since we are in “family mode” right now with a toddler and a baby, dining out has to be fast and family friendly. They are so kind to our children, the food is affordable and good, and it’s in a fun location in downtown Troy. We have dinner and walk through the square afterward.

There are so many food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My kids, of course, love all the life-sized animals on display!

She enjoys incorporating faith and spirituality into sessions for interested clients.

My husband, Tom, and I both grew up in Miami County. We started dating so young, we didn’t even have our licenses!

Like Sanders, I always carried that impression of this area with me and compared everything else I saw to it. I always joked that I never changed my (937) cell number because I knew I would be back. We love the simpler pace and the reconnection with our roots.I can’t imagine how different my life would look now had I not been born and raised in Miami County. Tom and I both went to Ohio State and ended up staying in Columbus for 13 years. The whole time we lived in Columbus, I would try to find a town like Troy that I could adopt if we were to stay in Columbus. But the first day we brought our baby son Luca home from the hospital, we knew we wanted to be “home.” It took a few more years and another baby to help us work up the courage to make a big move. One’s native ground is the place where, since before you had words for such knowledge, you have known the smells, seasons, birds, and beasts, human voices, houses, ways of working, lay of the land, quality of life.It is the landscape you learn before you retreat inside the illusion of your skin.We loved that place then and we love its new version, Harrison’s, now.Both of our families moved here decades ago to start their careers.

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