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John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.

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gratis must be making a fair amount of money per subscription to be able to offer such an expensive free gift.

the economics don't really make much sense as a subscription to aol for a year doesn't come anywhere near close to the ipod retail price.

Mr Coleman continued: "We can include sex education and drug awareness podcasts and the i Pod can be used for anything that will allow the students to be far more aware of their surroundings."I want it to be used as a learning tool, but students can download 240 tunes, which is fine as well."It can be used as a subliminal tool to allow students to learn as they are undertaking their normal everyday activities." The i Pods were handed out to hundreds of new pupils who signed up for courses at the college of further and higher education.

The college offers courses in barbering, gym instructing and accounting, and also allows students to re-take GCSEs and A Levels.

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