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She wasn’t the one who told her mother about the abuse.Her attacker did — when he requested her mother join in sex acts.“My mom went ballistic. But when local chef Tina Palmisano read the coverage about sex trafficking in The Times, she felt her heart start beating fast.She connected, in particular, with the young women sheltered at the Free Indeed Home — the state’s only safe house for child victims of trafficking.It’s time.”Palmisano said her husband, local chef Ernest Palmisano of Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Shreveport, fully supported and stood by her in her decision to boldly tell the truth.“A lot of people know me here, and if something like this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone,” Palmisano said.

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“I’m finally ready to offer a window into the mind of a survivor.She lived with her grandmother and aunt until she was three years old, after which she moved to live with her mother in Lafayette.She remembered hearing a lot of fighting growing up and said her mother tried to commit suicide several times.She wanted to shoot me, to kill me over this,” Palmisano said.“She thought it was my fault.”Palmisano said her “supposed father” — she still does not know whether he is truly her biological father, and so the Times will refer to him as "the man" — somehow persuaded her mother to do exactly what he wanted, victimizing Palmisano before her mother’s eyes.

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