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Some of these varieties may also have been more nutricious.An organised system of land mangagement can be traced in Britain throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Oats, rye and millet are thought to have been introduced to Britain during the Iron Age.These underground pits were timber-lined and their excavation, at places like Danebury Iron Age Fort, has revealed that offerings to the gods were placed at the bottom of the pits before harvest and possibly after a good harvest.Religion and farming were closely linked in Iron Age Britain.(Think this was Rhaetia not Britain) The island of Britain is recorded by the ancient writers as being very populous and therefore it is not surprising that there is evidence of soil depletion dating to the Iron Age.However, according to the Roman reporter, Pliny the Elder, the British farmers invented the practice of manuring the soil with various kinds of mast, loam, and chalk. he wrote: ..chalk is sought from a deep place, wells being frequently sunk to 100ft, narrowed at the mouth, the vein spreading out within as in mines. It lasts for 80 years and there is no instance of anyone who has put it on twice in his lifetime.' [4] These chalk pits can be found in Kent and are called Deneholes.

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