Updating a tom tom sat nav portal not updating ad information

Make sure that your Garmin has the latest maps available.

Select the best option for you and your Garmin: Garmin wants you to be completely satisfied with your new purchase and is committed to providing the most accurate, up-to-date mapping possible.

Be confident your Garmin knows new businesses, road changes and junction alterations.

With this one-off purchase, refresh your points of interest, routes and addresses as soon as new content is available.

We would always recommend that you update your Tom Tom GPS Sat Nav with official map downloads because this will lead to peace of mind. You can drive to your new destination, country, region, or destination safe in the knowledge that your map and route directions are completely up to date.

Our GPS expert will help you with step by step guide in order to how to update the GPS Devices.

Streets may change, businesses move and traffic restrictions come and go, but with Garmin nüMaps, your sat nav will have access to the latest Garmin update on roads, junctions, road signs and speed limits, everything it needs to calculate the very best possible route to your destination.

Our map updates even refresh your points of interest with the most current business names, addresses, telephone numbers and opening times - for directions you can trust at every turn.

You get every single release of your map on a great price.

One of the greatest advantages of the service is that the more new your map is at the time of joining the less it will cost you. Tom-Tome notifies by email when each new map is available for download so that you are aware when the latest map is available.

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